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About Irish Hypnosis Navan Clinic!

Wayne Hessnessy Adv Dip Hyp — M.I.H.A – NGH – ICHI Trainer is a Professional Clinical Hypnotist , trained with Clinical Hypnosis Ireland.

Wayne Hennessy is a professional hypnotist, qualified in advanced hypnotherapy techniques and trained to the highest standard graduating from the clinical hypnotherapy Institute of Ireland.

Wayne is currently operating our Navan clinic which is situated at Clonard House, Market Square, Wayne also covers the general Meath area.

Since 1998 Wayne has been helping people reach for and achieve their maximum potential, by passionately working towards achievable goals. Wayne’s motto is “By simply changing your beliefs, you can transform your life.” hypnosis navan

Clinical Hypnosis is the most powerful and successful way to do this. Working with the Sub conscious mind can give you the permanent change that is rarely possible with mere willpower. Hypnosis is a solution based therapy which can affectively cure panic attacks, fears and phobias, trauma, addictions from smoking to alcohol, to drug abuse, to gambling. It can cure and lift depression, chronic stress; unresolved anger issues and also takes away undesirable habits such as nail biting. Hypnosis can help to re-establish your confidence and self-esteem, from getting you ready for that new job interview, preparing you for that public presentation, to calming your nerves for that all important driving test. Wayne also specialises in weight loss, and hypno gastric band with proven testimonials.

Wayne’s mission is to help you open your mind and to assist in reshaping your beliefs and to stop at nothing to allow you to become the very best you imaginable. Wayne is friendly, confident and a champion of professionalism. He inspires every client that visits him at his Navan clinic. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Wayne. We are happy to help you arrange an appointment to see Wayne at our Irish Hypnosis Navan clinic.

Wayne P. Hennessy, Owner Navan Clinic

  • Qualified Hypnotherapist
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WEEK DAYS:  09:00 – 18:00
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