Drinking more responsibility is a virtue & the ability to control and urge to excessively drink is paramount.. if your profession requires you to be responsible and your concentration level to be acute then this is the therapy for you.

alcohol hypnosis

Alcohol abuse can cause problems in relationships, careers and finances and individuals often need to seek help from professionals to control the habit. Many people not suffering from alcohol dependence can’t understand why the individual can’t simply stop, however addictions can seem as strong as the need for food or water. Those suffering from alcohol dependence often experience feelings of guilt, shame and remorse but despite efforts to control the habit, many individuals find this difficult on their own.

Hypnotherapy is often useful for the treatment of addictions. Relaxation techniques can help access an individual’s unconscious mind and uncover the root cause of the addiction. Understanding why alcohol has become a problem and learning techniques to replace the destructive behaviour can often help those with alcohol dependence. Using hypnosis to re-examine an individual’s lifestyle can lead to better coping strategies and create different attitudes towards alcohol. Once the root cause has been identified, dealing with it can begin!

As many individuals suffering from alcohol dependence find it difficult to acknowledge the existence of their problem, it may remain undetected for years. However, many individuals are able to rebuild their lives and control their addiction with the right treatment and support. Sometimes medication may be prescribed to prevent withdrawal symptoms, and vitamin supplements are often recommended if the individual is a chronic drinker and malnourished.

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