They never work because they are straight jackets and deny the body in a forced attempt lose weight – essentially locking your body into a battle with your own mind using a mixture of willpower & frustration.

weight loss hypnosis

Are you overweight? Eating too much food? Yo-Yo dieter? Binge eater? Comfort eater? Need help with motivation to do exercise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our weight loss programme could help you lose weight, without dieting!

If you’ve been on a diet before you will know what a struggle it can be. There are so many weight loss diets around, and most don’t work long term. They usually involve depriving yourself of certain foods in order to lose weight. But for most people diets are not a permanent solution, because as soon as the desired weight is achieved they go back to their old eating habits. 

At The Navan Clinic all of our weight-loss hypnotherapy programs are specific to your individual weight-loss needs & current lifestyle challenges, if you would like to know how to get your mind in great shape to lose weight and “keep It off” for good then stop flapping about and call our Navan Clinics therapies advisor on 046-907-1983 and receive all the information you need. When you bring THE MIND into your weight-loss vision it’s game over.

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